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Name:Will Zimmerman | Sanctuary
Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
.::About Will Zimmerman::.
Will Zimmerman was born in Old City. When he was eight, his mother was killed by an abnormal, but before it could turn on him, Doctor Helen Magnus saved his life. Since his father was always gone, Will was practically raised by an aunt.

His relationship with his father was never good, especially when Will found out his was a con artist.

He eventually went to the Columbia University, where he became a psychiatrist. After finishing with school, Will decided to join the FBI but couldn’t make it through the training and was kicked out. He moved back to Old City, where he became a forensic psychiatry at the Old City Police Department.

Working at the OCPD posed a problem for Will. He knew there was a whole world out there, filled with things people didn’t believe in. He was often teased by his colleagues, and had several bad romantic relationships because of it. Then one night, he met Dr. Helen Magnus again. He didn’t remember her but she invited him to work at the Sanctuary, which he eventually accepted.

At first, Will had a hard time getting used to working for the Sanctuary, but eventually everything fell into place and Magnus started to groom him as her protégé. 

While he enjoys his job, Will has learned it’s not always easy. He lost his girlfriend Clara Griffin to an attack by the Cabal and watched Magnus deal with the death of her daughter. Recently, Will allowed himself to die so he could speak to the Goddess Kali and stop her from causing mass destruction. This meeting eventually led to him and his colleagues finding Hollow Earth. 

He went on to date an FBI agent by the name of Abby. The two eventually broke up and now he spends his time between the surface and the underground city Helen Magnus built.

Ability/Abilities/Special Skills: Will possesses the ability of empathy and is able to see beyond what a normal person sees.

Will Zimmerman is from the SyFy show Sanctuary. I do not own the character, nor am I Robin Dunne. This journal is just for fun.

AGE DISCLAIMER: Mun and muse are 18+.

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